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Thread: milk supply

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    I didnt know birth control negatively impacts your supply. My little one is only 4 weeks old so I have not started birth control yet but plan to. Is it better not to take birth control? Thanks for all the advice..I appreciate it!

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    All hormonal contraception has the potential to negatively impact supply. Some forms more than others! You want to absolutely avoid combination estrogen-progestin methods (Ortho-Tricyclen and its generic competitors, the birth control patch, and NuvaRing), the Depo-Provera shot, and Implanon. There are 2 hormonal methods which are somewhat more breastfeeding-friendly: the progestin-only mini-pill and the Mirena IUD. If you want a hormonal method, I strongly suggest choosing the mini-pill over Mirena because if you find that you have a supply problem after starting the mini-pill, you can just stop taking it and your supply will rebound. But if you have a problem with Mirena, you're stuck with it until you can get an appointment to get it removed.

    All barrier methods (condoms, diaphragm, sponge, cervical cap) are safe for breastfeeding, so you do have quite a wide range of choices even if you decide not to use hormonal birth control.

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    For what it's worth, I pumped about the same amounts when I started pumping at home in addition to nursing. I'd get a little more in the morning, so eventually I actually stopped pumping throughout the day and only pumped about a half hour after his first morning feeding, when I'd get a little more than usual (maybe a total of 3 oz). I started back to work this week without a significant reserve in the freezer - there's really only enough in there for about two days. But I'm finding I haven't had to touch it. I pump at 1 AM while he's sleeping, then right before I leave for work, then three times at work (pretty short sessions) and am getting enough for him to have for the next day (with a standing "reserve" of extra milk - basically this is working out so there is usually some extra milk in the fridge at the end of the day). It was a HUGE leap of faith - but I'm thinking you'll find you do better than you think when you're not nursing through the day as well.

    (And do whatever you can to have good expectations - hypnosis, bringing something he's worn with you so you can smell it, pictures, relaxation techniques, etc - that stuff really does help. The days I've been anxious about producing enough and worried about it, I've actually produced less).

    I realize this is anecdotal and I'm totally inexperienced compared to some of the ladies here, but chances are it will go fine

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    Exactly what pp said. Breast will always make milk. Sometimes you just gotta switch LO 100 times before he's full lol

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