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Thread: Nursing past 1 yr, DH not understanding

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    Default Re: Nursing past 1 yr, DH not understand

    When my son was about 4mo my husband went to a conference for work. When he returned we had this conversations:

    DH: I ran into (insert name) and his wife and son. She is still nursing and he is 16 months old!
    Me: Uh-huh . . .
    DH: Isn't that kind of old?
    Me: Not really. WHO recommends nursing until at least 2.
    DH: Oh. Interesting.

    I would suggest finding someone your DH likes to hang out with that also happens to be nursing a toddler (or has a wife nursing a toddler) and make sure the subject comes up. Then he will know someone else that is doing it AND the experts recommend it, so it must be normal. Good Luck.
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    Default Re: Nursing past 1 yr, DH not understand

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lovinmommyhood View Post
    The reason I would stop myself is because I'm so passionate about breastfeeding, I could feel myself getting "fired up"...and I didn't want it to turn into an "argument".
    It sounds like you've got a solid plan and your husband is reasonable enough to hear you out. Don't feel bad if a conversation escalates to an argument; sometimes husbands need stuff like that to know when something is really important to us. I love that my husband takes an active role in parenting our son, but we have gone head to head on a couple things (fortunately none of the really big stuff yet). While unpleasant at the time, I think we've learned things about one another in the process and are ultimately better parents for it.

    My husband told me once (I think when our son was about 5 months) that "when he's old enough to ask for milk, he's too old to nurse". I didn't even respond because our baby was so little then. Now whenever our son signs "milk" my husband yells at me "He asked for milkies!!! Hurry up and whip out a boob!!!" I never saw that coming. I think lots of husbands are a little weirded out by toddler nursing, but come around eventually. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Nursing past 1 yr, DH not understand

    Also, IME we had MANY conversations about it, some involved emotions running high. I wouldn't expect immediate success, although that would be great!
    My view is that DH and I make parenting decisions together, but when there is a difference of opinion, there has to be a tiebreaker. IMO Mama has to have final say when it comes to bfing - and that's really what AAP says too! This is a relationship that is between mother and child. Yes, DH or partner support is a wonderful thing, but not always there.


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