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Thread: Tired of night nursing

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    Default Tired of night nursing

    We've worked on night weaning, and have night weaned a few times since Jan 1, but it keeps coming back!

    In all fairness my son has been teething, but really, we are running out of steam, and I'm starting to resent nursing all together.

    We've been doing the Dr Gordon's method, and so then my son scream crys at every waking, and wakes every hour for the first couple days, and then finally he'll sleep about a week, and then we're back to scream-crying and waking every hour and taking an hour to get back to sleep for another week. We've done about 3 rounds of this.

    I'm nursing him at night now, because i feel like if I have to deal with another night... no even another wakeup of scream-crying I'm going to loose it. But nursing makes me feel just as angry/irritated/mad as the scream crying. I blame hormones.

    I just feel stuck. I don't want to wake up at night multiple times to nurse my child, and I don't want to wake up multiple times to scream-crying.

    I am on the verge of totally weaning because this is making me so angry!

    He doesn't nurse at all during the day at daycare. He likes to nurse at drop off and pickup and to bed, and I like those too. He's eating tons of food, and recently turned 18 mos. He's also given Advil, water, etc, to no avail.
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    My ds is just about 18 months. I have done no sleep training on him. Wasn't worth the energy when we tried on DD. He had a break in colds and getting his last 4 teeth and slept 11 hours the other night. Your little guy will sleep eventually. Those molars and canines are bad buggers. My ds starts the night in his toddler bed. Toddler bed eased his anxiety of starting the night in his own bed. I think he likes it because it is his own space with freedom to get in and out rather than a cage...I mean crib. Does he let dh put him to bed? Might break him of a desire to need you to nurse him.

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    Default Re: Tired of night nursing

    Unfortunately, I don't have any advice to give. What you are describing sounds very much like what we are going through with my DD. I share your frustration!

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    i'm not sure if this will help, but when my son was 16 months, i was pregnant, exhausted, and couldn't possibly stand another night of hourly wakings. i didn't want to try and cut it down, because i felt like it would just confuse him about when he could or couldn't nurse. so, when my son woke up that first time i tried having my husband take him downstairs to get a drink and snack. it didn't work. he just wanted mommy. so, instead i took him downstairs, we ate a banana, had some milk, and re-read his nighttime bed story. i told him we weren't going to nurse until morning when it was time to get up. the next time he woke up, i reminded him we weren't going to nurse until morning. he whined a little, but this time let my husband take him down for a drink. my husband brought the water cup upstairs with him and he woke one more time. i reminded him no nursing until morning, offered him his water, he said "no" and went back to sleep.

    the next night he woke up once (a FAR cry from the 8-9 times two nights before), i offered him water and he went back to sleep. since then, he has slept the ENTIRE night most nights (we still have an occasional waking at 4 am where i just remind him to hold out until morning). he did start eating more solids late at night, so i know that he was just partially used to an all-night buffet.

    i think the key is to be firm in your decision to wean, but also be flexible about what your son needs. i know it's SO hard. good luck; it will happen eventually!

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    We are also in the same boat! I have an almost 19 mo. old who has day weaned but can't quite wean from the 1-2 MOTN feedings. I would rather nurse to sleep and when we wake up for the day, but he has other plans! Anyway, I like the suggestion proposed by cjackord so much that I'm going to try it tonight . I never even thought to give him a snack or try to read a book (usually, I just try to calm him down in the crib or pick him up and talk to him but he is soooo inconsolable, it's really an act in futility - and we both know it).

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