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Thread: Breastfeeding and medications

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    During my pregnancy I got an umbilical hernia. My baby boy is 11 weeks old now and I had surgery yesterday to remove the hernia. They prescribed me Hydrocodone (Norco) and when I was reading the info on it, it said not to breast feed. Has anyone else ever taken medicine like this while breast feeding? Is it going to hurt my baby??

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    i would call infant risk, they are very helpful: http://www.infantrisk.com/

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    Yes call infant risk if you can. In the vast majority of cases these warnings about not using a medication during breastfeeding is the manufacturer covering their derrières and not based on any science. I have looked hydrocodone up in Medications and Mothers Milk (Hale, 2010) and according to Hale it is commonly used in breastfeeding women in the US and it is NOT contraindicated in breastfeeding women, but it is a narcotic so there are a few things to look out for just in case and you will likely want more info than I can give you here. So call infant risk or your local LLL Leader who hopefully has the book & can read the whole entry from Hale and explain Hales ratings to you.

    I had two c-sections and in both cases I was prescribed Vicodin which is another trade name for hydrocodone. Certainly I was never warned not to breastfeed and did breastfeed my newborn infants just fine in both cases.

    Please note, I did not see 'Norco' listed in Hale as one of the trade names for hydrocodone.

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    melrose723, I just sent a pdf of the hydrocodone info from the online version of Medications and Mothers' Milk to the email address in your profile. Let me know if you have any problems getting it.

    And I agree it would be a good idea to call InfantRisk. I think you'll find them very helpful and reassuring.

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