Hi everyone! My hubs & I are wedding photographers & I am nursing full time. My son is 11 weeks old. I have mild oversupply due to pumping occasionally. I am needing to build my freezer stash for when we work weddings on the weekends but am trying to figure out if there is a pumping schedule that won't make my oversupply situation worse. When I was pumping a few weeks ago, I was pumping after his morning feed & pumped 5oz in 8 mins. I stopped pumping bc my sons poop got very green & still is but I need to start my stash for wedding season. Is my best time to pump after his am feed to get the most out of it & should I only do it a few days a week? I could always only pump the week of a wedding & only do that so I don't aggravate my supply situation more.
Any suggestions or thought?