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Thread: Intense burning after feeding

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    Default Intense burning after feeding

    I am experiencing an intense burning and throbbing in my breasts around 30 minutes to an hour after feeding. It is deep within the breasts and radiates throughout the outer (near my underarm) areas. It is extremely uncomfortable and seems to be worse the emptier my breasts are.

    As some background I am about five weeks into BF (c-section) and I've struggled with supply issues but am finally getting on track. Strangely I do not feel any type of letdown.

    No signs of mastitis or plugged duct or thrush.

    It is almost as if it hurts as my milk replenishes. Anyone have ths experience or have an idea what it could be? Thanks.
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    Default Re: Intense burning after feeding

    It could be exactly what you said - painful refilling. I had that with both LOs early on, but it did fade after a couple of months. It felt like painful tingling for me. Also, do your nipples change color at all during that time? Like white or purple/blue? That could describe nipple blanching due to either Raynaud's or nipple compression. How is baby's latch?

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    Default Re: Intense burning after feeding

    with the PP. But thrush would also fit, even if you and the baby don't have the classic symptoms. I assume you had antibiotics after the c-section? When a mama has a course of antibiotics, her risk for thrush increases since the antibiotics decimate her normal flora, throwing everything out of balance and allowing yeast a chance to overgrow.

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