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Thread: Not eating so much?

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    Question Not eating so much?

    Hi, all! This is my first post, though over the past 8 months I have gleaned SO much from your posts.

    My baby girl will be 8 months old tomorrow. The past several weeks (I'd say month or so) she seems to do more "nibbling" than anything. I'm doing good to get her to eat 7 minutes total (both breasts). Right after she started doing this, I realized she had thrush, and we went to the doctor. First meds didn't work, this one is doing the trick. But, my question I guess is can she possibly be getting enough from such quick nursing sessions? She seems to be gaining just fine, though we haven't had her weighed since the 6 month check-up. She eats right at every four hours...sometimes less, sometimes more. She almost always seems satisfied after a feeding. I had thought that maybe I needed to boost my supply using fenugreek or something, but after reading what I've written, I am thinking that supply isn't our problem. Would you agree?

    Also, I don't think I myself have thrush, but could someone share what those symptoms might be? I do have some slight discomfort from time to time, but no obvious physical symptoms.

    Thanks so much! And I look forward to participating more often now that I have taken the initial plunge and posted.


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    It will be fine. Watch wets and poops, but this is very normal for some babies.

    She is getting lots of fatty milk by doing this
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    Around 6 months my son started only nursing on one side for a meager 5 minutes! I was worried but not too worried due to his plentiful diaper output. My doubts prety much disappeared at a dr.'s appt around 7.5 months when i saw he was gaining and growing great. Some babies are just very efficient nursers!

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