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Thread: Week-to-week weight gain question

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    Default Week-to-week weight gain question

    Hi - I took my son for his 2-month appointment last Tuesday and to a LC appointment this morning. In these 6 days, he's gained just 3 oz. The LC said that it could be because of the variance between the pediatrician's scale and her scale. But should I worry, since the average week-to-week gain is 7 oz.?

    She didn't seem concerned because his overall weight gain has been really good (born at 8 lbs, 10 oz., and at 2 months is 14 lbs). She also weighed him before and after I fed him and he got about 3 oz. from one side (we didn't weigh him after the other side).

    He's exclusively breast-fed (with the very occasional bottle of expressed milk) and seems happy, rarely fusses and sleeps well. I just can't help but worry when I look at the averages. It seems too early for weight gain to slow down.

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    No, you shouldn't worry. The difference between the scales could be 6 ounces.

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    Even if baby really did only gain 3 ounces this particular week, there is no reason to worry. One 'off' week means little if anything and overall weight gain is fine. Unless something else has occurred to cut down on nursing sessions or possibly create low supply (such as starting hormonal birth control) no reason to be concerned at all.

    If you are really concerned, it never ever hurts to nurse a bit more. When I hear a 2 month old "sleeps well" my antenna goes up that baby is maybe sleeping through a night feeding or two, because to many folks, a baby is not sleeping well unless they are going 8 or more hours overnight and that is enough to mess up weight gain in some instances. But again, one week of not fantastic gain is generally nothing to worry about.

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