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Thread: MRSA and Breastfeeding

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    Default MRSA and Breastfeeding

    Does anyone have any information? I had my milk cultured and it has MRSA bacteria. Have been "colonized" for years. DD is 6 weeks old.
    I have been prescribed antibiotics for 6-8 weeks and have not started them yet. Already took one round and it didn't knock out the infection. Is this something that can just colonize your milk but not cause active infection? Grr...so frustrated by the lack of information.


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    Default Re: MRSA and Breastfeeding

    There are several variables that affect breastfeeding with MRSA. First, it depends on where the MRSA infection is located. If it is an extremity or the torso, then as long as mom keeps the area covered and uses good handwashing technique there is little risk to the infant. If the infection is on her breast close to the arreola, it is recommended to pump & discard milk on the affected side until she has been on antibiotics 48 hours, but she may continue to breastfeed on the unaffected side. If she has an abscess that has been drained on her breast, if the surgical wound is close to the arreola, she should not breastfeed on that side until the wound has healed to prevent any drainage or pus from entering the infant's mouth. Second, if she has systemic symptoms such as fever and chills, she should begin her antibiotic regimen and wait 24 to 48 hours after beginning her antibiotic regimen before returning to breastfeeding. Once her systemic symptoms have resolved then she may restart breastfeeding. There is a very good protocol from the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine on Mastitis that addresses MRSA and breast abscess. The website is www.bfmed.org and go to protocol # 4. Let me know if you have further questions.
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    From everything that I found, the recommendation was to take the abx for 24-48hrs while stopping BFing and then starting back up after that time period. But if you've been nursing her already and your milk is indeed infected, then I don't know if she'd need to tested/treated. I think the best thing to do would be to call Infant Risk (806)-352-2519 and talk to them directly.
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