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I LOVE THIS THREAD!!!! I just posted something very similar. My MIL is watching my baby while I have gone back to work. She is convinced he is starving. She is also
clueless about breast fed babies. I came home the other day to find out she go into my freezer stash to feed him about 30 minutes before I got home. We finally issued an ultimatum about her getting into the freezer stash and that she's only to feed him what we leave in bottles in the frig that we've prepared for him.
What bugs her is that he tries to latch with her (that's why she thinks he's starving). My response was that it is because she's female, he won't do this to my husband when he feeds our baby the bottle. Has anyone else seen this occur in ebf babies? I am hoping he grows out of this...
Sorry to hear you're having the same trouble! I think it really helped my MIL chill out once my baby started solids (he's 7 months). Between three bottles of BM + two feedings of solids (1-2 T each) she's feeding him pretty much all day! We did also limit the amount of freezer stash available, which I think helped her to value it more as a reserve.