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Thread: Dropped night pump session = reduced nursing amt?

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    Default Dropped night pump session = reduced nursing amt?

    Hi all,

    My son is 8.5 months, and I've been back at work for about 5 months. As of a few weeks ago, my schedule was:
    Nurse at 6:45 or so
    Pump 2-3 times at work
    Nurse at 6 or 6:30
    Pump at 9

    DS has about 15oz during the day from a bottle and I'd been making enough to include an ounce or two in his cereal, plus freeze a bag now and again. About 2 weeks ago, I decided to drop the 9pm pump session because, well frankly, I was beginning to really dislike it! The strain of working/pumping/parenting/etc was starting to wear on me, and I hit a wall re: pumping. Dropping that session has been a wonderful relief.

    I'm hoping I can keep him on 90% BM, with a little formula mixed in for a least another couple of months. However, besides losing the 3-4 ounces from the night pump, my day-time supply has dropped an ounce or two. I'm guessing that I should really try to get that 3rd session in at work but boy, I wish I could stick to 2 times.

    Also, I feel waaay less full for the evening nursing session and DS finishes more quickly. He still sleeps great and doesn't seem to mind really, but I feel like that supply has dipped an ounce or two as well. Does that make sense? Has anyone experienced this, especially when cutting out a last pumping session? Any tricks or tips?

    Finally, would taking fenugreek help bost me up for these 2 pumping sessions and the last nursing sessions? Not sure if that works with pumping (especially so many months in...)


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    Default Re: Dropped night pump session = reduced nursing amt?

    If you can nurse more, it will help bring your supply up. It is very typical for moms to notice a supply drop when they drop a session pumping or baby cuts back on nursing.

    It is also possible your pump is starting to show some wear. If you haven't, change the membranes and things.

    Unfortunately, herbs and meds are not subs for time spent removing milk from your breasts. It's demand based.
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