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Thread: 11 months old and low supply

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    Hey everyone. I have been EBF for 11 months now. I've been pumping twice a day at work and breast feed her the rest of the day. Lately, I've been only pumping 4 oz during those two sessions. Before I would pump like 10 oz a day but now it's only 4. I really want to continue breast feeding passed the first year. What can I do to pump more? She's seems to get satisfied when she nurses but pumping output is terrible. I just more supply overall. What can I do?

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    your supply is fine, but you may be hitting a low point. many moms have that happen periodically, i know 9 months is pretty typical so 11 months could easily be a low pumping output time for you.

    maybe you are getting your period or pregnant, or sick?

    we are making a list of ideas to help pumping moms so i copied and pasted what susan wrote so that you may see it. she has great insight:

    Nurse more at home.

    Pump more often. You may need to pump every 2 hours instead of every 2-4.

    Hands free bra so you can do compressions and massage.

    Check the size of your horns.

    Replace valves and membranes.

    Leave everything set up to save yourself time.

    Herbs (fenugreek, blessed thistle for example)

    Oatmeal, brown rice, chickpeas

    Alter the settings on your pump back to the stimulation phase so you can try for another letdown

    Power pump (pump 15 min, off stop for 15 min, repeat for 1 hour)

    Rent a hospital grade pump for a few weeks; some moms don't respond to one type of pump but do better with another

    Don't get frustrated; it takes time to increase supply

    Above all, don't measure your production by pumping output. Baby is much more effective than any pump. If baby is having adequate wet diapers and when stool is produced it looks normal, everything is fine. The ONLY mother who should think she has low supply is the EPing mother, because she will not benefit from baby's stimulation.

    But yes, it's stressful to be a working mom who can't pump enough, but that doesn't mean to quit nursing or to supplement at home. Nurse more at home. That is also good for supply.

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    Thanks! Yea I nurse all day after 2pm until 6:30 am the next day. But still pumping almost nothing. But great advice!

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    Excellent advice from the PP. I especially second her advice to pump more often, and to use a better pump if possible.

    Many longterm pumping moms hit a slump somewhere along the line, and it's fantastic that you've made it to 11 months without too many bumps in the road! I just want to reassure you that there's no reason to think that you will be unable to nurse to a year and beyond- many moms pump-wean at around a year and continue to nurse their babies when they are together. At or close to a year old, most babies are very able to maintain a good supply during the hours when they are with their moms.

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    I would add that your pump could be wearing out. Depending on which pump you have and how much use it has had, the motor could be going.
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    I use the Medela freestyle. And I only use it twice a day. I used to use it more in the beginning but for about 6 months only twice a day. I doubt it should be going out. Is there a way to tell?

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