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Thread: Nursing same side @ same time of day...

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    Default Nursing same side @ same time of day...

    Right now DD is eating an even number of times each day (6) & I alternate the side I start with at each feeding. So this means she always starts with the same side (R) each morning & ends with the left at night. She usually nurses from both sides at each feeding but does not empty the second like she does the first. I'm wondering if this will affect my supply in the long term, mainly since she always starts with the right each morning so the left is more full for longer. My left usually produces a little less than the right (I notice when I pump)...it's been that way for a long time. I do pump every night before bed & do my best to fully empty both breasts, but I usually just pick up nursing on the side I left off on. Would it be better to alternate each morning or does it not matter? I hope this makes sense...TIA!
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    No, it will be OK. Most, if not all, notice a difference in production between sides. I double pump, so both sides get the same stimulation the same amount of time a day, and my right still produces way less than the left.
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    And if you start to notice troublesome lopsidedness, then you can reverse your current nursing pattern and boost supply on the left/decrease supply on the right.

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