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    I just introduced myself in the intro forum but thought I'd post my question here just in case others good benefit from the feedback

    I am currently nursing my second DD. She is 7wks going on 8...although I am a "seasoned" nurser this territory is all new to me. My first struggled with nipple confusion (my fault) for the first four months so I exclusively pumped and bottle fed until I got her back to the breast. So I really don't have any experience nursing a newborn. So far I think things are going great! However, this LO doesn't seem satisfied with pacifying herself on the breast as my first DD did. She nurses great, has more than doubled her birth weight, "sleeps through the night" but has no interest in the breast unless she's hungry. I thought at first it was because my supply was choking her but I've gotten that under control and my milk is no longer drowning her when she nurses. However, she is still not interested in just being on the breast for comfort. If she's tired she almost never falls asleep at the breast. She will pull off, even when I know the flow has slowed, and suck on her hand or even my shoulder but never the breast. In the evenings she will pull off and cry at the breast and nothing really comforts here except maybe rocking...sometimes she just cries. She nurses great though in the middle of the night. Last night, while trying to calm her down for bed, daddy gave her a paci for the first time. Even though I hate the idea of it she fell asleep contently after 5mins or so of sucking...

    I've read on kellymom.com some of the negative things about paci's and I'd rather avoid them if I could but I absolutely don't want to withhold something from my DD that she may really need. Apparently the breast isn't cutting it. Anyway, I'm nervous about using a paci on a regular basis. I'm not even sure if I should. Do I have to? Will she just eventually find her fingers/thumb? Will she eventually learn to pacify at the breast or do I need to just get over myself and give in to a paci?! And if I do give a paci what are good guidlines to using it? I just don't want the paci to effect our nursing relationship. This probably seems silly but I'm really struggling with this. I really appreciate any advice you can give!!

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    You are right to be concerned about using pacifiers. They cause lots of mischief! BUT, I am a big believer in, never say never. Every baby is different, and judicious pacifier use can often be just fine. So, as long as you & your husband are well aware of the pitfalls, only use the paci judiciously, and never let baby pacify through a feeding (miss feedings, in other words) ....well, it may then be just fine. Of course it is also fine for your baby to suck her hand or your shoulder as well. And I would suggest to not stop TRYING to pacify baby at the breast. Even if your oald is calmed down enough to not cause obvious issues, it may be the flow is too much for baby when she is just trying to get to sleep, and as long as you continue to nurse frequently etc. that should get better shortly and then maybe baby will again want to pacify again on the REAL, ALL NATURAL and ORIGINAL pacifier

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    I only used a paci with my first, non BF baby 20 yrs ago. and it was a struggle trying to get her off of it that I swore never again to do it. My second non BF (12 yrs) did not use one and she did well. My exclusive BF 3rd child hated the paci, the few times we offered it and was at my boob 24/7... now with my 12wks old exclusive BF... takes the paci when I am not there, but I do not give it to him when we are together, he feeds very good and occasionally will suck his thumb. In conclusion... every child is different and every situation is different as well. I learned to go with the flow.
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    Thanks for the responses! It has helped to put my feelings into perspective. I think you are right that perhaps my oald has yielded a bit but the flow is still too much for her to relax. I can tell she really wants to be at the breast but is just so frustrated with having to swallow so much when all she wants to do is sleep. I'd be totally cool with the sucking of the hands and shoulders but it doesn't satisfy her and she usually just cries. Right now I am able to calm her down to sleep by holding and rocking. I will continue to offer my breast to pacify though...I agree this is the "all natural and original pacifier"...and I will probably just reserve the pacifier use for daddy to use in desperation...Thanks again for the responses.

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