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    My baby stopped breasfeeding at about 4 months old due to high flow (she would choke and after a while just started refusing to even be near the boob). I've been pumping ever since. She 10 month old now.

    I have a Medela Freestyle and havent had any issues until recently. It seems like lately I have to put my pump at the highest setting to get any milk out and even then it takes TWICE as long to get very little. I used to pump 6-7 oz in 15-20 mins and now after 40 mins I get 2oz..3 if im lucky. I cant tell if its the pump losing suction or my boobs just got too used to the pump after all this time(is that even possible?). I've replaced every replaceable part of the pump and it didnt help. My nipples are so desensitized after months of pumping that I dont feel the level of suction, if it makes any sense.......After I stop pumping, I can tell Im still full and can hand express a decent amount. What can I do? I cant hand express every 3 hours as it takes too long and so does the pump now. My baby is walking already and does NOT like being confined and I cant pump/express for 40 mins with her hanging on me and trying to climb me and so on lol
    If I dont find a solution, my milk supply will drop. She still doesnt eat very much solids, milk is majority of her sustenance.

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    Your pump is probably worn out. The professional grade pumps are only meant for pumping a few times a day for a total of about 400 hours. You need to go rent a hospital grade pump or buy a new pump right away. If you are planning to pump wean at 12 months, you are better off renting, as you can rent a Symphony for $50-90/month depending on location.

    And yes, it is possible to become desensitized to the pump. Changing brands or types usually helps.
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