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Thread: 24 dayold, gases, throwing a lot

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    Hi, my baby boy is 24 days old. He was 9 ½ lb at birth. Now he is 10 ½ and has grown almost 2 more inches. I have a lot of milk, and he empties the breast in about 10 minutes. He wants the breast every 2 hours, day and night. The problem is that he doesn’t open his mouth big enough, I think. I can hear him swallowing a lot of air; he makes like a “donkey” sound. Also I can feel the air running up and down his back. After he’s finished, he seems very uncomfortable, especially if I try to burp him. If I don’t move him, he goes to sleep. If I try to burp him, he cries a lot and wants to be on the breast all the time, even though he’s throwing a lot; sometimes like a projectile and that scares me. This is my third child after 14 years. I don’t remember having this situation with the last one whom I breast fed for almost 3 years. I’m afraid to put him so often on the breast because he seems so full, and he’s throwing so much, that’s why I give him the pacifier, and he gets somewhat contented. I’ve notice that for him to be contented, he either has to be on the breast or on the pacifier. Always sucking! Any suggestion? I’m exhausted.
    Also, he has a rash. Is getting better, though, after trying triple paste, desitin, d+a, Vaseline, you name it. the Ped. said is a common rash. Very stubborn common rash!. He had a very watery stool. I cut on dairy products and it seems to help.
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    Default Re: 24 dayold, gases, throwing a lot

    oald (overactive (aka forceful) letdown) would be my guess for the feeding issues and large spitups. The rash could be any number of things including a food sensitivity but of course oald can happen along with a food sensitivity or not. Food sensitivities via breastmilk are rare but if that is an issue dairy is the usual suspect.
    Read this to see if you think oald fits. http://kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html One thing about oald is that frequent nursing actually helps.

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    I agree with lllmeg. I had oald in the beginning with my LO and she would tend to have a shallow latch because as the IBCLC put it, she was trying to 'pinch off' the flow so that it wasn't so overwhelming. In your case it SOUNDS like your baby's poor latch is causing the gas. If you can fix the latch, the gas might go away. If the extreme spit up/gas don't go away after fixing the latch then it could be reflux (just to throw that out there). It also seems to me that sometimes oald can be related somehow with reflux, but if your pedi doesn't think it's that then don't worry about it.

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    Default Re: 24 dayold, gases, throwing a lot

    I was also going to say OALD. Have you tried nursing in different positions? Sometimes laying back with baby on top of you helps, IIRC.

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    thanks so much, moms, for all the comments.
    the kellymom.com info is very good.

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