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Thread: How much to take??

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    Question How much to take??

    I've been a new mom now for 3wks & 3 days. I will return to work in 4wks. How much breast milk do I take to the daycare provider? Do I take it straight from the freezer or do I thaw it first? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Congratulations on your baby! Basically that first day you'll bring thawed milk to daycare, and after that you'll bring the milk you pumped the day before. You'll bring about 3-4 ounces for each feeding you expect the baby to have while you are apart. There is a long discussion of how much milk to send here. It is worth making sure your daycare provider is used to having breastmilk-fed babies. (There are a couple of cautionary posts in the caregiver forum.)

    Good luck! Enjoy your time home with the baby. Let us know if you have more questions and how going back to work goes.

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    you might want to call your local lll leader she can help you figure that out.
    She can help with pumping also...theres alot of info on the LLLI web site about returning to work and how to make that run smother..
    good luck

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    You'll want to ask your daycare provider about their policy on frozen milk. Some providers will happily defrost milk for your baby and pour it into a bottle, others require that milk be provided ready to feed, thawed and in bottles, ready for baby to drink.

    Most infants take 1-1.5oz per hour that they are in care. So, if baby will be in care for 9hrs, expect to leave 9-14oz per day. Especially at the beginning, babies will eat as often as they nursed. So, this could be every two hours, or every four hours, or somewhere in between.

    Make sure you tell your daycare provider how you'd like the milk to be warmed up for baby, and that the microwave isn't an option (it destroys live cells in your milk).

    If you'll be pumping at work, you should be able to take the previous day's milk to daycare each morning for baby to drink.
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