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Thread: Six-ish hour stretch without pumping

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    Question Six-ish hour stretch without pumping

    I work VERY part time. I will start doing a 6 hour shift on Saturdays. That will be my longest shift.

    If I feed or pump before leaving and pump even on my way home will that be OK for my supply? He is 3 months old and does NOT STTN so we don't do any long overnight stretches. So this would only be one day a week that I go a longer stretch.

    I don't mind pumping I just really don't like the idea of bailing on a coworker for a length of time to do so. It really isn't fair. All I have is a hand pump so it would take awhile to actually express the milk so my time away could potentially be awhile. I understand I may be somewhat engorged.

    Thanks for your help

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    If I were you, I would pump once during the shift. The general rule of thumb is that you should pump anytime the baby is going to take a bottle. At 3 months, he is probably going to eat once or twice in that 6 hours, right? You might be okay with doing a before work pump and an after work pump, but ideally I think you should do one in the middle of the shift [too].
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    Hard to say whether that would be okay or not. 6 hours is a long stretch, and if you were doing it every day I would say that you would certainly need to pump at least once, and maybe twice since all you have is a manual pump. But if you're doing just 1 six hour stretch a week... Honestly, because your baby is still so little I would still pump. Get your co-worker a bouquet of flowers or a box of doughnuts and a thank-you note every once in a while, and don't feel guilty about doing what it takes to provide your baby with the best.

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    I would pump. I work like that, just 1 shift a week, about 6 hours, and I still pumped.

    The hand pump will be fine I did it that way for 5 years, and actually, it was in some ways better than the electric, but you can only pump 1 side at a time.
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    I would pump during that shift, partly to keep YOU comfortable, at least for now. You may find in a few months that you can go without for that stretch and make up for it later, but I probably wouldn't try it as early as three months (after you introduce solids, it may be no problem). The hand pump would probably be fine for such occasional pumping.

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