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Thread: gaining efficiency? 1.5 oz in 60 mins

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    Default gaining efficiency? 1.5 oz in 60 mins

    I have flirted with stopping but am hanging on to a nursing relationship enhanced with a LactAid trainer. Babe is getting about half total supplement.

    By weights I know my 6 wk old son can draw 1.5 oz over the course of am hour. At that point breasts feel soft, maybe not totally empty though and I use the trainer for another 1.5 or 2 oz. I'd love to just sit with him and hey him feed but life happens I have two toddlers and as of next week a job again so a nursing honeymoon or continuing to hey him nurse for mote than am hour is not really an option for my family right now.
    When I stop I immediately feel breasts tingling and filling. I'm feeling hopeful that he will gain efficiency and I may be able to more fully feed given the fact that I know there's more milk there and I have seen a change in how he'd nursed recently. Any thoughts or recommendations to make that happen is appreciated.

    Third time's a charm? Actively working to fully nurse my third child after two not so great relationships with others.
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    Default Re: gaining efficiency? 1.5 oz in 60 min

    A friend of mine has IGT and cannot exclusively breastfeed. What she has opted to do is out baby to the breast, nurse, then give a bottle, then try the other breast. She has a preschooler and a toddler, so she isn't able to sit long periods of time and nurse either. So far, so good, for her.

    Breastfeeding does not have to be all or nothing. So maybe you nurse and use your Lact-Aid at night (you can nurse with it laying down) and use formula during the day if you can't pump enough. Every drop your child receives is pure gold.

    ETA: I went and looked at your posts....baby is getting better at this
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