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    I was reading that last thread by natsmom and it got me thinking. Our lo has been having green poop off and on for the last two months. Our Doctor had me go off of Dairy since he said it was a milk sensitivity. However, There have been concerns of low supply so I have been pumping like crazy off and on for those months. It is possible I have too much milk and when I pump, I do not get very mch hind milk (milk is thin and later after seperation there is only a thin line of fat about 1/4 in). Could this be over supply? Also, lately she has started to eat a lot less than she did (about 12 mins as opposed to the 20 - 22 mins b/4). This is equal to about 6 minutes on each side. Anyone have any thoughts?
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    I think green poops can be a sign of a foremilk vs hindmilk imbalance. When the baby gets mainly foremilk (which has less fat) their poop can be green. I'm not sure if there is a good guideline for how thick the "cream line" should be on a pumped bottle, so not sure about that one. I believe the "treatment" for foremilk imbalance is to do "block feedings" where you feed from the same breast for several feedings throughout the day before switching to the other side. I think you can also do breast compressions to encourage more of the fatty milk (which is stored up higher) to come down during a feeding. You can tell by the number of posts I've done, that I'm certainly no expert, but this is what I've picked up from reading here and elsewhere.

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