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Thread: SO discouraged need encouragment

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    With the new information combined with your previous thread and the SLIGHT fever, I would be inclined to say it's a sore throat. Not sure where you live, but in it is still cold & flu season in the northern hemisphere. Also, I REALLY think you should switch to TriCare Standard. If you're military you know how 'great' most of your doctors are; I would be slow to assume that the pedis are any different. If you're in the U.S., going to an off base doctor is probably well worth it! Also, if the problem is reflux, he would be arching his back alot while trying to nurse and often times when not nursing. So sorry things are being like this. In my post on the other site, I said those things because I had no idea there was more to the story and I apologize for the misinformation! Good luck!

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    I've had a fussy baby both at 4-6 weeks and again this past week at 9-10 weeks. It was either a stomach bug or the letdown that pissed her off I think. She kept screaming, crying, pulling off during the day. Nursing while standing and bouncing up and down sometimes helped, but Dr. Karp's "windshield wiper" has been a lifesaver. Sit with your knees together and a blanket on your lap. Set baby on your lap, head on your knees (I put her feet up against my belly). Wrap her arms in the blanky and hold with one hand, like a swaddle to keep him from flailing. I put my other hand around her head. Then swing your legs back and forth with vigor while baby is screaming, offering he pacifier and making a loud shushing noise (louder than his cries so he can hear you). Pretty soon baby is just complaining, then yawning and falling asleep. Once groggy I can move her to breast and I just hold her while she sleeps because she'll wake up every so often rooting.

    This activity mimics the womb (sucking on finger or pacifier and shushing are essential), so it works like a charm for us - Baby may cry at first, but stick with it until his calming reflex has time to kick in. Sometimes if she doesn't calm, I try the breast and she goes right on.

    Good luck!

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