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Thread: Help! Questions about occasional pumping

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    Default Help! Questions about occasional pumping

    Hello Ladies,

    I am a first time nursing mom and am really enjoying the experience! I have a 9 week old and am lucky to be able to stay at home with her . For the past 2 months I have been working through oversupply/overactive letdown issues and it has been tough but I am determined to ride it out! I think that my milk supply is starting to finally balance out and I want to start pumping for occasional bottle feedings. My little one has not been introduced to the bottle yet because I have been hesitant with the issues we have been having. The majority of the time I will be nursing her but there will be a few times a month where I would like her to be able to take a bottle. I'm worried about introducing a bottle as she may prefer it more than me because of the OALD. My questions about pumping are:

    -When is the best time to pump? Is it best to pump while feeding her since she only takes one breast per feeding?
    -If I choose to only pump twice a week, will that stimulate my supply to increase?
    -If I pump for just the occasion, say I pump early in the morning for a bottle later that night, will I have to keep pumping?
    -What are your experiences with occasional bottle feeding?
    -How much milk will my little one need per feeding?

    I am also worried about stimulating my milk supply too much since I already have oversupply. So I am looking for the best way to pump occasionally without overstimulating!

    My goal would be to be able to nurse her most of the time and her be able to take a bottle a few times per month when needed. I know it can be done as I have heard many people have accomplished this!

    Any thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions, etc...are much appreciated!

    Thank you!!!

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    Default Re: Help! Questions about occasional pum

    Best time to pump: depends on the mom and her routine. Most moms find that they have the most extra milk early in the morning, and pump after the baby's first morning nursing session.

    Pumping just 2x per week is very unlikely to stimulate your supply to go into overdrive, but every individual reacts differently to pumping. So watch your baby and your body.

    If you pump just once, you will not be locked into pumping for all eternity. Just don't fall into the "booby trap" where you use the pump instead of the baby too many times- babies are much better than pumps are when it comes to maintaining supply at the right level.

    Occasional bottle feeding is something that many moms have success with, but you want to do the following:
    - try different brands of bottles and nipples- your baby may be choosy about which one she likes
    - have someone other than you introduce the bottle- babies tend to not like bottles from mom, since they know mom has the real thing
    - be patient and keep trying if baby doesn't like the bottle right off the bat
    - use a slow-flow nipple
    - it's often better to leave 2 small bottles instead of 1 large bottle, since breastfed babies often prefer small, frequent meals over infrequent large ones

    Most babies need about 1.5 oz of milk per hour when separated from mom.

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    Default Re: Help! Questions about occasional pum

    Pumping a couple times a week will probably have NO impact on your supply. I had OS and OALD and I had no issues with pumping even once a day, as long as I did it at the same time every day. I always pumped in the morning, because that's when my supply was highest, so I wasn't worried about having "leftovers" after nursing my baby. I could also nurse right after pumping and he'd be fine. But everyone is different. You kind of have to play it by ear and see what works for you. If it's not working, you just back off the pumping.

    You probably will need to try a couple brands of nipples/bottles to see what works for your LO.

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    Default Re: Help! Questions about occasional pum

    Great suggestions from pps. Here are some nice tips for bottle feeding the breastfed baby: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

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