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Thread: DS is nursing less frequently

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    Default DS is nursing less frequently

    For the past week or so my 9 week old son has seemed to be nursing less than usual in the afternoon. He would normally nurse every 2 hours on the dot during the day and cluster feed from 5 until bed time. But now he he has totally elimated his cluster feedings and stretched out him time between feeding to 3 and a half hours. He does seem to eat more now, as I have to offer both breasts now but its a bit nerve wracking to go from such a small space in between to almost 4 hours. Also, he used to love pacifying me and would almost always accept my breast even when he wasn't hungry just to suckle. But now he has to be hungry to accept me, I miss the quality time we got from pacifying and it helped me feel secure about my supply staying up. Now I feel worried about my supply dipping because I don't get that stimulation anymore, I have replaced our pacifying time with skin to skin which is still fufilling but I'm wondering if any of you have expirienced this and your lo went back to pacifying u and lovin on the breast! Cus I really miss feeling like my breasts comfort him.

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    Default Re: DS is nursing less frequently

    First of all don't panic. A few things are happening. 1: He is growing--including the size of his stomach. That means instead of eating 2 oz every 2 hrs he is eating 4 oz every 4 hrs (for example). 2: Your supply is established--it is all supply and demand. If he continued to use you as a pacifier his 'demand' could cause your oversupply. 3: Trust & security have been established--Good job momma! Your LO no longer trusts that you will aways be there to provide food for him. That doesn't mean he doesn't still need your or your comfort (you will find this at vaccinations if you choose to do them or when he falls down from trying to learn to crawl in a few months), it's just that he may seek it in different ways now. Perhaps just sleeping next to/on you or wanting to be carried/worn everywhere. Or perhaps he is just going to be a very independent boy that wants to learn his own way to do things. However, if you are truly striving for that closeness that I would suggest to NEVER offer a pacifier, but maybe try to entice him with your finger first if you think he needs some comforting, but he may just not need comforting, in which case, EXCELLENT job!

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    Default Re: DS is nursing less frequently

    I think worrying is a side effect of being a mom

    It may be temporary. I'm willing to bet that he just had a growth spurt and in a week or so you'll find that nursing will pick up again (two months is prime time for a growth spurt).

    I would suggest you keep offering. He may be taking more milk and going a longer time but breastmilk digests pretty quickly (about 90 minutes) so tomorrow may be different than today, and he may accept, ya know?

    I always found that during growth spurts (and right after), developmental milestones, and teething, things would change with the nursing relationship (sometimes temporarily). Sleeping patterns change as well as eating patterns. BUT the one thing that can be counted on is that nothing can be counted on. Just when you think you have figured out your son's routine he will change it His way of keeping you on your toes

    You're doing a great job mama. Keep counting wet diapers - you need 5-6 sopping wet diapers in a 24 hour period. If you're unsure what a "sopping" wet diaper feels like just put 4-6 measured tablespoons of water into a dry diaper and lift it to feel the weight - that's what you're looking for. Some diapers may be dryer and others wetter, but on average you need 5-6 times that amount and then you can be sure that your lo is getting enough. What goes in must come out

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