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Thread: letting the right dry?

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    Default letting the right dry?

    1st - we made it 5 months! 3 nursing strikes but still ebf!
    2nd- he hasn't nursed on the right side since his last major strike in january. That strike lasted 2 weeks. I just exclusively pumped but my supply took a drastic drop at that time. He was 3 months at the time. I was using a medela symphony. Prior to the strike per pumping session I would get 3-4 oz out of the right & 4-6 oz from the left. After the strikeper pumping session the right dropped to <1 oz & the left dropped to 2-3 oz. I've tried week long nurse ins, pumping after every feeding, we are always cosleeping & babywearing. Increased skin to skin but nothing. No increase right or left. I can sometimes trick him into nursing on the right when he's sleeping & in sidelying position. So far its never been a concern but he's been sucking both sides dry for a week & still taking a bottle of expressed milk (sometimes 3 oz sometimes 5 sometimes 1). Started taking herbs to increase supply & see some change in left - about an oz per pump session. None in right. Should I just let it dry up or keep trying?

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    Default Re: letting the right dry?

    My left side has always produced less than my right. My thoughts about letting one side dry up is "why"? Any milk is still milk. It's also nice to be able to give your breast a break, especially during cluster feeds or times of high comfort feeds, by being able to switch sides. As long as there's something being produced, take it!

    I would just keep switching sides during feeding sessions rather than offering a bottle if you're available to baby (even if it means switching sides 2, 3, 4, 5 times). Baby is much more efficient at draining your breast than pumping, so if you're trying to increase your production, nursing is best.
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    Default Re: letting the right dry?

    I completely understand your frustration with the lopsided production, but I agree with the PP. I wouldn't give up on that side entirely until it's bone dry. Every little bit of milk is a good thing. On the other hand, I also probably wouldn't stress about trying to "even" out supply. Some difference in supply is normal, and a lot of women have a pretty significant difference in supply. But keep trying that side when your baby is sleepy - even nursing on that side once or twice a day will keep supply from completely drying out, and those extra ounces are ounces you don't have to try to get out of the other breast, you know?

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