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Thread: When does oversupply "correct" itself?

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    Default When does oversupply "correct" itself?

    So I've determined that I have an oversupply (which, in contrast to my first son when I had a low milk supply, doesn't seem like it should be a problem!). My son, now 8 weeks, has been having green poops for over a week -- and only green for the past three days. He's been gulping/gasping while eating since my milk first came in, but I didn't think anything of it at first. I thought he was just an eager eater.

    I've started to feed only one side per feeding and trying the "uphill" positions. I try to spray some of the excess milk into a burp cloth, but it's been a struggle to get him back on the breast when I do that so I only do it if he's really struggling.

    I've seen a few other threads about oversupply, but none seem to answer my question -- when does oversupply "correct" itself? I started consciously using one side per feeding on Friday (before that, a lot of feedings were on only one side because he would either fall asleep or just wouldn't be interested in the other side).

    Also, I worry about the effect of this on his intestines -- over a week of green poop, excess gas, etc., can't be good. Can it indicate a larger problem? To be proactive, I also decided to eliminate dairy from my diet in case that's also an issue -- I started that yesterday.


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    Default Re: When does oversupply "correct" itsel

    The reason you're having trouble finding an answer to the question about when oversupply corrects itself is that there's no one answer. The timing differs significantly between individuals. Some mamas find that they can control oversupply fairly rapidly, within days or weeks. For others, the timespan is more like weeks or months.

    Don't worry about green poops as long as baby is growing normally. And don't worry about his intestines. Yes, lactose overload from oversupply can make a baby gassy and uncomfortable, and can rarely result in enough intestinal irritation to cause bloody poops. But these are all temporary things, and are well worth it as the price for being exclusively breastfed. My second born had to cope with a totally massive oversupply and she ended up with months of green poops and even streaks and flecks of blood in her poop. But it all went away with time, and at nearly 2 she is a perfectly healthy toddler who has never had an ear infection or major illness.

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    Default Re: When does oversupply "correct" itsel

    It sounds like you're on the right track nursing only one side at a time and in reclined positions. Looking back I had some over supply with DS that seemed to correct itself around 3 or 4 months I think. I seem to have it again with DD so we will see. It's not necessarily a bad problem to have
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