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Thread: Mastitis, refusal to nurse & severe pain

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    My daughters twins are 2 weeks old today. She has mastitis in her right breast along with a cracked nipple. She has tried pumping the right side and the pump (Ameda Purely Yours from the hospital) is not emptying her breast. As a matter of fact, nothing is coming out at all. Her pain is so severe on that side that she is refusing to put either baby to breast on that side. She is running fever but is also taking antibiotics.
    Is there anything I can suggest that will help her?

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    Default Re: Mastitis, refusal to nurse & severe

    The best way to treat mastitis is to empty the breast. If you don't, you make the problem worse. So she has to pump or nurse. The Ameda Purely Yours may not be the right pump for her- I would try to get her in to see a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC, as soon as possible. The LC should be able to hook her up with a better pump.

    It may be hard for her to accept advice from mom. Would her obstetrician or midwife's advice be easier to "hear"?

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    I agree - she needs a better pump! And I'd say, get in a hot bath NOW and massage and hand express. The heat might loosen things up. If she doesn't get some milk out of the breast, this could become a bigger emergency quickly. Really, time is of the essence. Softening the breast up in the bath might help the babies to latch on - sometimes it's hard to latch onto an engorged breast.

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