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Thread: hang in there ladies!

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    Default hang in there ladies!

    my ds just made it to one year nursing and i wanted to post it here to give you all encouragement. i had obstacles: it was not easy for me especially in the beginning, i had such bad nipple pain secondary to a bad latch after birth. my right nipple didn't heal for 5 weeks. i had a toddler to take care of at home. my newborn would wake to eat every 2-3 hours for about 5 months and i had to return to work at 7 weeks. (parttime however)

    i had huge rewards: cooing on the breast, milk leaking out of the corner of his mouth as he would look up at me and smile, laid back nursing: feeling his little body draped on my chest and stomach(my favorite!), not having to clean bottles, being able to feed him anywhere without having to pack formula, strong bonding, our alone/quiet time, health benefits for me, back to pre pregnancy weight at around 4-5 months pp.

    he had huge rewards: he was only sick one time this year, he has no food allergies (thus far, fingers crossed), beautiful growth, meeting all milestones, he is strongly bonded to me, a lifetime of health benefits.

    nursing is healthy, natural and beautiful. you mamas are doing and great job and thanks to all the wonderful mamas on this website for giving encouragement, advice and being a sounding board when we need it!
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    Nicely put! I told my sister, who will be nursing her new baby coming up here in March/April, "if you can get through the first few weeks, you're set!" She has a lot of support (me who nursed my first for 18 months and is currently nursing a 12 week old) and her best friend.

    But very nice advice and words!
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    I love the success stories and I think the new moms who are hormonal and feeling defeated need to hear these. Great job!
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    Great job! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.
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