DS is 9.5 months. He's still nursing 4 to 5x a day - usually when he wakes in the morning and to go down for nap or bed. Sometimes, he'll add in a 5th nursing.

The last couple of mornings, he has suckled for almost 10 minutes, but my let-down never happens. Then, he pops off. I will try to get him back on, but it's as if he realizes it's morning and other people are going to be waking soon, so he doesn't have the patience.

Today, after hubs and DD went to work/school, I was able to get DS to nurse just one side before we had "breakfast." Then, he nursed again (just one side) before his nap - although he was willing to suckle the other.

I am in the last few days of my period. Could that be causing me to not let down as quickly? The other nursings, it's decently quick -

Any thoughts would be great! Thanks!