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Thread: need reassurance ..

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    Default need reassurance ..

    Hi everyone,

    my DD is a year old. i know changes are happening and im trying to go with it. i just need some advice/reassurance on two things.. thoughts are welcome.. and appreciated

    1. she started pinching and scratching me at night when she would bf. I think it might be because she may be waiting for milk to come in or maybe her teeth/gums were hurting. Now she has started to do it to me during the day.. i wonder if she is frustrated with me.. and has started hitting her father. She knows what ouch is, she says it when she does it. when she does it i move her hand and say "ouch that hurt mummy, gentle hands" then i show her how to be gentle. Not working

    2. am i right in thinking that bm even at 1 year is supply and demand? well i guess i am worrying because she has started to refuse the boob sometimes. She does eat solids through the day and nurses 4 times on average at night. Anyway the last couple of times when she has got hurt she would normally bf but she has been refusing and even at night before bed when i would bf to sleep she doesnt ... i am worried she may be weaning? or this might be the start? if its true and she is ready then its ok (i just love the bonding time) .. any thoughts?

    worrying mama

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    Default Re: need reassurance ..

    She is too young to put ouch and her hitting you together. My 13 month old thinks it's funny to hit people thanks to her father teaching her a game of high 5 and making a funny sound and saying ouch when she hit his hand. She also likes to pinch my stomach when she's nursing at night, it seems to soothe her for some reason.

    She'll start getting that stuff together in six months to a year. You can just stop her repeatedly from pinching you. There's really not much else you can do.

    It is still supply and demand. When you gave her solids, that was the start of weaning. I understand how you feel though... I go back and forth thinking my little gal is going to wean early because some days she'll refuse to nurse when it's not a sleep time, or she'll only nurse for a second. But she nurses all.night.long, so my guess is she's not weaning anytime soon.

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