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Thread: Increasing supply for 5 1/2 month old

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    Default Increasing supply for 5 1/2 month old

    Hello all, I have kinda glanced at some of the posts and I am sure the answer is in there, but I have 4 kids, so being able to sit long enough to read them all is well....impossible.

    I have a 5 1/2 month old wonderful baby boy. He took to nursing right from the start, never had any latch issues, nurses great. A couple weeks ago, we had the flu go through our house, and since I have noticed, a BIG drop in my supply. He is back to nursing every 2-3 hours, and is eating some (very little) baby food. He LOVES to nurse, but gets frustrated when it takes so long for let down to happen, and will continue to nurse once breast in drained. He seems to be wanting more, but will get frustrated and pull away. So here is my question......What can I do? What is power pumping, and would it be good to try and pump every hour (as I can) while still nursing every 2-3 hours. My supply is down to about 3oz every 3-4 hours. Is this enough for him?
    I love nursing, and so does he.....want to continue until he is at least a year old.


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    Default Re: Increasing supply for 5 1/2 month ol

    Are you home with baby, or working? If you're home, just nurse him on demand, whether that means every 2-3 hours or every 20 minutes, and your supply will bounce back to where it needs to be. Don't try to stretch the time between feedings- some moms try to do this thinking that it will help the milk "build up" and satisfy the baby better- and don't try to fill the gap with solids. Just nurse, nurse, nurse, and then nurse some more.

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