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Thread: 22 mos old + 2 year molars + bad latch

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    Default 22 mos old + 2 year molars + bad latch

    + me being 25 weeks pregnant... and it all adds up to OUCH!

    I don't know what to do about my DD's latch. She still nurses at nap time, bed time and she does a cluster nurse for about an hour every morning. She wakes around 6:30 and then nurses until 7:30 or so. Sometimes she throws in another nurse at some point in the day, but those three are our norms now.

    My nips are sore anyway, and with these molars coming in she's latching badly again, and the whole thing just adds up to pain for me.

    But I don't know what to do- I try to unlatch her and tell her she has to open her mouth all the way, etc, etc... but, every time she re-latches, even if she latches deeply at first, she will quickly re-adjust by pulling my breast through her teeth, until she gets back to that same shallow latch. The worst part of it, is that the way she latches makes her top teeth dig into my breast- I'm getting almost permanent indents in my breast from where those teeth are!

    Anyone have any advice???

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    Default Re: 22 mos old + 2 year molars + bad lat

    I have never been PG and nursed, but our daughters are about the same age. I'd set some serious boundaries. Sometimes I say, OK I'll sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and then we are done. Then I sing it and say, "That's it! Done!" My daughter has learned when I say it hurts - it hurts. She stops. I'm not saying she doesn't cry sometimes, but ouch. I'm not even PG and it hurts sometimes. I'm sure somebody will come along with better input.

    Is there a way to mix up the schedule so she doesn't have that full hour of nursing in the morning? Ouch. Sometimes I tell my daughter the "NuNus" are sleeping and went "night night," so we have to leave them alone and let them rest.

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    Default Re: 22 mos old + 2 year molars + bad lat

    Ow ow ow. I'd be thinking weaning thoughts in your position- I am obviously not as tough as you are, mama! I also think that hour-long morning nursathon must be very difficult. Is it happening when you're in bed with the baby? If so, jumping right up and starting your day might make the nursing session a lot shorter and more bearable. But you'd have to get up very early...

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    Default Re: 22 mos old + 2 year molars + bad lat

    I do the singing thing at night... she is night-weaned, so I don't let her fall asleep nursing anymore. She nurses, and then sometimes I sing, or something I just count to 10- she knows what it means, and she knows she has to unlatch then. But, sometimes, with the bad latch, it really hurts before she's even had a chance to have a proper nurse (like even 5 minutes). That is the hard part!

    The morning session is a long one, and it does happen in bed- I mostly sleep through it (and I nurse her at that point, because the sun is up, so technically, it's not night anymore- not in her little mind anyway). And yeah, the reason I haven't tried to cut it out is because if I stop her, then she's awake- which means I have to get up earlier too! I'm lazy like that. Her dad leaves the house already before 7, so, I have no help there.

    She's driving me crazy right now with some very unpleasant pushing the limits behaviors anyway- but the worst thing is when I tell her it hurts, especially if she sees my hand coming to unlatch her, she will then purposefully bite down! But she's doing this kind of stuff all over- pulling my hair, biting, kicking, hitting... not while nursing, but in general. This whole toddler thing is very trying in general, and only made harder by being this far pregnant!

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