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Thread: Biting, Nursing Strike?

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    My daughter turned 9 months old yesterday. She has 2 bottom teeth. When she got her first tooth almost 2 months ago, she bit me one time and then it stopped and we have been doing fine with our breastfeeding since then. Suddenly yesterday evening (she had already nursed through the day) when I offered her my breast she bit me right away. I yelped and jumped back saying "no" and she started to cry. I did not mean to react that way, was just surprised. she went to bed last night without nursing. This morning when she woke up i was sure she would nurse as she normally nurses the best first thing in the morning and right before bed. When I offered the breast she immediatly "nibbled" and looked at me for my reaction. I stayed calm and just said "no no sweetie, it hurts mommy when you do that", but she continued to nibble and look at me every time I offered. Finally I pumped (for the 3rd time) and gave her my milk in a bottle. I want to continue to nurse her through her 1st birthday, but I am wondering how do I get past this? It hurts to constantly be bit, and she still isn't even trying to nurse at those times, she is just biting. Is this a nursing strike? What are the best ways to work through this? I am very discouraged right now...

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    Welcome to the forum, mama! I am so sorry you're getting chomped. What you describe does sound like a combination of nursing strike, with a side-order of biting.

    Here are 2 useful links:

    My only suggestion is that I think you probably want to limit both solids and bottles right now. My rationale for that is that if baby is being well-fed with solids and bottles, she has less incentive to nurse and less incentive to nurse nicely (i.e. not bite). But I honestly do not know if that is good advice or not.

    Hang in there and let us know how it goes!

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    I am by FAR no expert...but as far as biting goes, my DS's bottom teeth came up about a month ago and he got me pretty good a couple of times!! The first link mommal gave you helped me a lot. Also, I've read that a baby's tongue will cover their bottom teeth if they are latched correctly, so if he's biting you while you're nursing, he may not be latched right.

    Watching to be sure he gets a good mouthfull of boob as well as being ready to pop him off if he got distracted helped me get through the first couple of weeks with teeth. Good luck!

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