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Thread: "Snacking" baby

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    I feel your pain. My DS is almost 8 weeks, has reflux and nursed a lot like that until we started the reflux meds. Now he can go a couple of hours during the day and up to 3 at night but has started wanting to be at my breast for 4-5 hours at a time at least once if not twice a day. We had latch issues that resolved but since he started this marathon nursing schtick my nipple have been hurting again.

    I surely don't know even a fifth of the info about breastfeeding but here is a suggestion anyways... I noticed that you work from home, so I assume that your always around your LO. I have noticed that when I would leave my son with dad or another family member immediately after he finished eating (I wouldn't even stick around for burping) and shut myself in the bedroom with no distractions and another shut door to drown out any noise from the baby. I would get better rest even if it was just the hour. He seemed to be soothed easier by others with a pacifier or rocking etc., while with me he would only settle with the breast. My DH or mom would basically try soothing him and keep him away from me until he was crying loud and clear (I know that sounds awful but they even thought I needed the rest that badly) I was still exhausted but that would give me some good rest although short. My husband did this at night even though he'd have to be at work and I didn't. He was awesome about that.

    Also: it takes me forever to go to sleep too. So this didn't always work but when it did it felt like a God send.

    Hope this gets better.

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    Hey how's things going on for you? Your baby is probably around 5 months now. Has he grown out of that snacking phase?
    When I read your post I was thinking that you are describing my current situation exactly! My son, who is 7+ weeks now, is eating EVERY.DAMN.HOUR all day! It doesn't matter if he eats for 5 mins or 45 mins, he just screams for food every hour! I'm totally exhausted and I get absolutely no help in the day when my husband is out for work. I want to ebf him very badly but at the same time giving him a bottle is such a tempting option... Yes lack of sleep has such a huge effect on us... Fortunately he sleeps for longer stretches starting from 6pm. I hope that your situation has improved, that will give me hope that my situation might one day improve too!
    One more thing, I actually do envy your huge milk supply. When I pump I typically only get around 4 ounce, both sides combined. At most I will get 8 ounce and that is after a 6 hour gap!
    Do let me know how you are getting!

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    Mama, she hasn't been back. You can look at someone's profile to see their usage. Not likely that she will come back. Very likely, in her exhaustion, she took what was said badly and won't come back.

    My first baby ate every hour, and I was given horrible advice to pump and give a bottle. Don't. Just nurse. It won't be like this forever. Really.

    Practice side laying nursing..,I took a lot of naps with him that way

    Stop measuring production via a pump and instead, measure via wet diapers.
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    wow sounds really, really hard! i have a 6 months old who sounds similar to your LO. (but i only have one kid so that's totally different
    anyway, he nursed all the time it seemed like - maybe every 20 minutes to 1 hour until he was 4.5 months old when he started getting distracted and teething. now he has totally cut back (which caused some problems). he also has reflux and though he isn't screaming in pain since he has been taking zantac, he still has reflux. he never liked slings or any carrier. i had to hold him all the time (minus the 10 minutes i set him down for my shower - not exaggerating) until about 4 months. i couldn't put him down for a nap except in his car seat (only fell asleep if we were driving or strolling) and slept for only 30 minutes at a time until he was 4 months. he slept on my chest until 3 months and nursed often - as often as during the day it seems.
    all of this just makes me wish we did things differently in our society! i feel like we need a group of women taking care of babies together. i have my one sweet little guy and i still feel overwhelmed despite relatively little other obligations besides caring for him and myself. sigh. so i can't imagine how it is for you! though your post made it clear that you are working hard
    anyway, i hope you get some more sleep soon!!!!

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