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Thread: reducing to only comfort nursing?

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    Default reducing to only comfort nursing?

    For a number of reasons I have a low supply and am supplementing at least 75% of babies needs at the breast with a Last- Aid trainer. I know by test weights that he is getting about .5 oz from me when he nurses.

    I'm not enjoying this and am ready to stop after a personal educated heartfelt decision manng process. I'd like to continue to offer the breast when I can after or before bottle and for comfort.

    Do you ladies have any thoughts or experience on what this would look like? As in will meager supply just dry up ? Could we maintain a long term comfort nursing relationship with zero to tiny supply.

    Third time's a charm? Actively working to fully nurse my third child after two not so great relationships with others.
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    Default Re: reducing to only comfort nursing?

    Well. What happens to your supply will depend on how often you comfort nurse. If you started and stopped every feeding with the breast, you will maintain what you have, to one extent or the other. It also depends on whether or not your baby is happy to nurse with no milk there. Some babies are happy to do so, while some are not.

    I have worked with a IRL mom in your shoes who opted to keep using the Lact-Aid instead of bottles to breastfeed her baby. And I have a mom currently who is doing what you are contemplating; after a very long struggle, she is formula feeding via bottle and comfort nursing as needed with a very small supply. This is her third time as well, as for her, what she has dries up within weeks, but the babies nurse a little bit after that and then wean themselves.
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    Default Re: reducing to only comfort nursing?

    with the PP. How much supply you maintain depends on how often you comfort nurse and how willing the baby is to stick it out at the breast if the rewards are minimal. So it's hard to say what your individual experience would be like.

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    Default Re: reducing to only comfort nursing?

    I think the pps cover it-so much will depend on how your baby reacts to the change and how your breasts react to no longer being stimulated as much. Even without the lact-aid, the more time at the breast the better, probably, for continuing to encourage baby to take the breast and for maintaining some milk supply. So even if you are giving your baby all he needs to eat, nutrition wise, with the bottle, you can also nurse as much as you and baby like. Maybe start with a bottle and end at the breast, that kind of thing.

    It may help to bottle feed in a way that is designed to not cause as much flow or nipple confusion. Here are some ideas: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

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