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    Question #1 - My 9 week old son has been taking both breasts at each feeding since day one. For the past week I have noticed that his poo is very green. His dr. said it was normal, but I thought I read somewhere that green poo could mean that he is getting too much foremilk. Should I start feeding him on one side only?

    Question #2 - Really just need some opinions on this. Last night I gave my son a 3oz bottle of EBM on top of his normal feeding routine. So, he got his regular amount + 3. For the first time ever, he slept for 6 hours. He usually gets up every 2-3 hrs. It was so nice to get a little bit of extra sleep, that I gave him another extra 3oz tonight before bed. Is this a bad habit to get into or is it an absolute necessity so that I can get some rest? Am I setting myself up for future problems? I may be over thinking here but that's what first time moms do. Right????


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    #1 - green poo
    Yah, I think it means too much foremilk. I keep an eye on my dd's poo color and if it gets green I just make sure to keep her on the same breast *longer* before switching her to the other side for the next few days and it always goes back to normal without too much trouble. I think some people who have oversupply have to block feed to fix this - feed from the same breast only for 3 hour blocks - but it's not that extreme for us. By doing this she hasn't had more than 2 green poos in a row.

    #2 - EBM before bed
    I've never done this myself, so I don't really know. But at that age my dd used to cluster feed in the evenings before bed and then sleep really well, so maybe that's like the same thing. Now that I'm back at work, she's on a totally different schedule and has been reverse cycling, so now she wants to eat every 2 hours in the night. I don't really mind though because we co-sleep, so I'm not really missing sleep.
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    As for question # 2, my response would be not to expect this to work for very long. If you do, you'll be setting yourself up for disappointment.

    I don't have an answer for question 1, but you could do a search at the top for green poop or too much foremilk and read through the threads. Good luck.

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    I think your first question sounds like oversupply, and I would consider beginning block feeding....it really does help, but the results aren't instant, and be prepared for some engorgement when first starting out. I would start out just nursing one side per feeding and if you get too uncomfortable on the other side, pump or express just enough to make yourself comfortable. Give it a few days to a week to even out...see how the poo looks and if it is still staying green, you could extend to 6 hour blocks or whatever works for you. We did this and it really helped tremendously! My dd (almost 9 months now ) now only nurses on one side per feeding (has been for months) and does great.

    As for question number 2...I agree with the pp...it may help for a while, but chances are it won't last...for now, you could do what you want I think...as long as he's not nursing any less, you shouldn't produce less milk..but be wary of pumping if you are already having oversupply issues...it may not help, in my case, if I pump even once, my supply goes nuts...
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