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Thread: Low Blood count and Iron supplement

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    Default Low Blood count and Iron supplement

    My Son is almost nine months old and had his checkup today his ped took a blood sample and cam back telling me his blood count was low and i need to give him iron supplement and some formula. He was exclusively breastfed for 6 months and now he has some soilds some veggies and yogurt one or twice a day.
    Upon telling my MIL she flipped out at me saying this is because i breastfeed and i need to give him formula and more meat. Shes a pain and gave me the same thing with my DS who i nursed for 16months until she self weaned. My ds never had this low blood count issue and now im nervous anyone else experience this with their baby?
    What did you do? I dont want to give him formula (also he wont take a bottle).
    Thank you
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    Default Re: Low Blood count and Iron supplement

    When you say his iron was low, the first think I wonder is, how low? And why the formula on top of iron supplements? Is baby gaining OK, are all other health indicators OK? And how quickly do they want to test baby again to make sure iron is back on track? I would assume very soon if they are truly alarmed about your babies iron levels.

    My younger son (who basically refused solids until after he was a year old) also tested slightly low on iron at 9 months. My usual pediatrician who is not only supportive of breastfeeding but very knowledgeable about it, was out on paternity leave at the time so we saw a different doctor who told me to stop nursing so much so my baby would eat more solids. I knew that advice was nonsense, so I ignored it. I did give my son some iron supplements, most of which he spit back up. When his regular doctor came back a month or so later, he told me there was nothing to worry about and I probably never even needed to do the iron supplements. Sure enough, my son tested at normal levels at that point.

    I tell you this to illustrate that different doctors are going to have different levels of alarm about "low" iron and suggest different things to remedy it. If you are not happy with this advice, you may want to seek another opinion.

    When you say you never had the issue before-has baby been tested for iron before? Iron level tests are routinely done at 9 months, and not usually before that, so this is an issue that usually comes up at 9 months.

    If your child is already eating solids, I don't see the harm in giving him iron rich foods. Info on what these are in below linked article.

    If your mil is unsupportive, need she know about these issues? I fail to see how your child’s iron levels or how or what you feed your child are any of her business. No matter what your mil’s opinions are on the subject, the facts are clear that breastfeeding is by far the healthiest way to feed a baby.

    Is Iron supplementation necessary? http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/vitamins/iron.html

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    Default Re: Low Blood count and Iron supplement

    Thank you so much for your advice. I think that I will give him some iron supplements. He is testing him again next month to see if his blood count improves.
    I like my ped he isnt so supportive of breastfeedingt but he never has discouraged me before.
    My MIL on the other hand is very nosy and my husband who is a mamas boy tells her everything. What she says never effects what I do with my children its just a major nuisance and in this case she felt she had been proven right. We have a history of her nagging me to stop nursing my first baby i just thought she'd see how great and healthy my DD is and get over it! Guess not.
    Elizabeth 1st time SAHM
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    Default Re: Low Blood count and Iron supplement

    What she says never effects what I do with my children its just a major nuisance
    Oh that is a pain, have you perfected a smile and nod and a "thanks for your concern" when getting unwanted advice? I find it helped with some not supportive family members if I figured they were truly concerned because they loved my kids, but they simply did not have the information or knowledge I did about breastfeeding.

    I like getting info from Dr. Sears because then I can tell folks "well, my other doctor said..."

    This may not help at all but here is a little thing written for Grandparents of breastfed babies http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...sbreastfed.pdf

    and another for dads: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...t_partners.pdf

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    Default Re: Low Blood count and Iron supplement

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lllmeg View Post
    When you say his iron was low, the first think I wonder is, how low?
    Good question. Did they give you the levels?

    My baby tested low for iron at 9 months (her count was 10.5 and they told me anything under 11 is low). They told me to give her iron supplementation twice a day and give her more iron-rich solids (red meat, iron-fortified rice cereal, whole wheat pasta, etc) + vitamin C-rich foods to help in iron absorption.

    Here's what I did: I gave her iron supplementation only once a day (and even skipped a few days). She has red meat at least once a day, and for the other meal, if not red meat, then she has chicken (thighs, which have more iron than the breast). I give her brown rice cereal every morning for breakfast. And I give her lots of fruits that have vitamin C. I also give her spinach, whole wheat pasta. She's never had dairy; dairy can interfere with iron absorption, so you might also try holding back on the yogurt for a little while.

    We just had her tested again yesterday at 11 months, and her iron levels are normal! (Blood count was 12.5).

    She is breastfed and never had an ounce of formula.

    I hope this experience helps! Good luck.
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    Default Re: Low Blood count and Iron supplement

    My son tested low for iron at 6mo and we supplemented with blackstrap molasses. Maybe mix some into his yogurt. Then you can tell everyone concerned that you are supplementing to ease their minds until he is tested again.

    We found the molasses at Vitamin Shoppe in the alternative sweetener section, in case you are wondering where to get it
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    Default Re: Low Blood count and Iron supplement

    Hi, My wife was suffering from low blood count of 5.6 3 months ago until a friend of mine recommended a new stem cell technology supplements which act as a catalyst to the bone marrow to produce 30% more stem cells in the blood system within 1 hour of consumption. After taken the supplements for 2 weeks, she went for a minor operation to remove a fibroid and polyps in the uterus. She undergo a blood test prior to the operation and found that her blood count went up to 11.8. Just last week, she went for another blood test and discovered that her blood count is now 12.8. The Stem cell supplements works and it is all 100% natural product - a special type of blue-green algae which you can read at http://daniel1132.stemtechbiz.com.my/. Thank you for reading

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