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Thread: Help 4 month old will not breastfeed!!!!

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    Unhappy Help 4 month old will not breastfeed!!!!

    I hope that you all can help me- I am at my wits end with this At my daughter's six week old check-up, she hadn't gained enough weight so her ped. told me that I needed to start supplementing every other feeding. Of course, wanting to do what is best for my child, we did it. Now she has turned four months old and he still has us supplementing during the day with two bottles. She was fine with drinking from both the bottle and breastfeeding, but now she has stopped wanting to breast feed all together and only wants to drink from the bottle. At every feeding I offer her my breast, but she just screams and refuses it. I end up giving her a bottle because she needs to eat. I really want to breastfeed, but am afraid that I am going to have to stop and just give her a bottle. I am even fine with giving her a bottle or two during the day, but i don't want to stop breastfeeding all together! If anyone knows what i can do please help!!!!. Thank you!

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    This link on nursing strikes should help: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html. In particular, the skin-to-skin and instant reward techniques should be useful.

    If baby isn't nursing, you want to pump in order to maintain supply and to prevent yourself from becoming engorged and uncomfortable. Your doc should have suggested pumping to you long ago: when a mom must supplement, it's best that she do so using her own milk. That way it's easier to ditch the supplements and just nurse, because as long as you only use your own milk your supply is equal to baby's needs.

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