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Thread: Nighttime Parenting Help/New Beginnings

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    Do any of you have experience with a toddler who still woke up frequently through the night? PLEASE share your words of wisdom with the mother who wrote the following question. Responses may be published in an upcoming Toddler Tips column in LLL's New Beginnigns publication. Please comment on this thread or send your reply to toddler.tips@lllusa.org. THANK YOU for sharing!

    "I was very patient and understanding when my baby was waking up several times through the night, but now my baby is 18 months old and still waking up many times. I am exhausted and am losing patience. How do those of you with toddlers encourage a long and restful slumber?"

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    My husband take over bedtime at 20 months due to my pregnancy, and my daughter's first stretch of sleep magically stretched out to 6 hours, and she had only twice in her life slept that long before. About three months later he took over her entire night time parenting and she started sleeping through the night for the most part. I think I was waking her up when I was cosleeping with her.

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    What helped me the most is to employ the method I call "changing my mommy mantra". When I would wake frustrated I would have to consciously stop the dialogue in my head that was negative and replace it with something positive. Once I started doing this nights were much easier. Sounds too simple to be true but it worked. Part of that was doing research and finding out what the positive was. I see night nursing as physiologically normal and an expression of trust. I also reframed my thought process. It wasn't night nursing that was the problem but rather it was night waking. Once I understood it in those terms I didn't see the problem as nursing anymore but rather the frequency of waking. Then I was able to problem solve by finding gentle sleep solutions. Things like exposing my daughter daily to outdoors, making sure she was physically and mentally stimulated, assessing for dietary triggers, making sure she got undivided attention from me during the day, etc.. all helped to extend her periods of sleep. Furthermore by surrounding myself with a mom's group who respects night parenting I was able to get support and not criticism. Now she nurses at night, unlatches *on her own* and rolls away from me. She sleeps quite regularly for very long stretches at night. I feel like in continuing to see this as my problem and not hers, and by continuing to meet her needs, she learned to do sleep well and we kept our trust with one another. No tears needed, well maybe a few from mom before I figured this all out ;o). I promise it gets better mama!
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