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Thread: Stomach virus irritated by nursing?

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    My daughter (20 months) has been sick with what I assume is a stomach virus (vomiting and diarrhea) for almost 6 days now. For the past few days, she only gets sick while nursing (during nap time and in the middle of the night). Has anyone ever experienced this? I don't know if it is just because this is when her tummy has been the most full. We let her eat dinner last night at about 6pm, and she didn't throw it up until she woke up to nurse (for about the third time that night) at 4 am. I guess I am going to try and not nurse her as much today, but when she is crying and asking to nurse, it is hard for me to tell her no!

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    I wouldn't try to tell her no. Nursing is comforting and hydrating and nourishing even when baby throws up soon after eating. Milk doesn't have to stay down for long in order to give baby benefits, including immunological ones, and throwing up doesn't generally do anything that hurts a baby. Upsets her, sure, but it won't hurt her.

    I hope this passes quickly!

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    Lucky is the baby who can nurse when sick. If you are going to throw something up, better mild breastmilk than anything else. Mess for you, unfortunately.

    My youngest had a very weak gag reflex as a toddler and vomited frequently in the mornings after nursing, worse when he was mucousy with a cold or something. I discussed it with his pediatrician and we decided it was not worth not nursing just to stop this from happening.

    Kellymom article on nursing when baby is sick: http://www.kellymom.com/health/illne...y-illness.html

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