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Thread: SNS supplementing, when to wean off?

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    Default SNS supplementing, when to wean off?

    Hi all!
    My daughter gave birth to twin girls on the 13th. One is a very aggressive nurser and the other had issues with her suck in the hospital. We were told to use a SNS to help her want to stay at the breast- she kept popping off, etc...
    She has done great! She now has no sucking issues but I'm not sure how or when to wean off the SNS. She has experienced some reduced supply- possibly as a result of the poor suck or maybe the SNS itself.
    I breastfed my own twins for nearly 3 years and had to fight for every drop they got. I want her experience to be more enjoyable and much easier.
    Any suggestions? Advice?



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    Default Re: SNS supplementing, when to wean off?

    Is baby nursing well at t is point? And what has mama been putting into the SNS- formula, or her own milk?

    If nursing is going well and mama has been supplementing with her own milk, then she may be able to simply take away the SNS and watch diaper output. As long as it is normal, the baby is getting enough.

    If nursing is still a little dodgy and/or mama has been supplementing with formula, then she probably wants tdo the following:
    - occasionally crimp the tube while baby feeds, to stop flow from the SNS and increase baby's suckling intensity on the breast
    - gradually reduce the amount in the SNS
    - watch diaper output, keep a careful log
    - see a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC, for hands-on help
    - pump so that all supplements are breastmilk supplements- as long as mama is only using her own milk her supply will be equal to baby's needs when baby transitions back to nursing without the SNS
    - get a professional scale and do some weigh-feed-weigh tests to see exactly how much baby is taking in at the breast. You want several days worth of data, IMHO- one test doesn't give you an accurate picture of how nursing is going because baby's intake can vary widely between feedings and over the course of the day.

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    Default Re: SNS supplementing, when to wean off?

    She has been using 60mL formula in the SNS. She has been pumping after each feeding with the SNS but so far she hasn't gotten any milk. We have been alternating sides with the babies to try and help that left side produce more through the aggressive nurser. I'm hoping she'll either be able to start stocking milk or her supply will increase through the pumping.
    I'll have her pinch off the tube every now and then to see what baby does and we'll keep a close eye on diapers. I'm feeling pretty good that baby is getting a decent amt of breast milk- her poops are somewhat "seedy" even if not quite the same mustard color as her sisters.
    I have to say, for a mere 19 year old who was previously wrapped up in herself in her own little world, she is doing pretty great!

    Thanks so much for the advice!

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    Default Re: SNS supplementing, when to wean off?

    You are an awesome mom. I don't know what your daughter's circumstances are, but I'd like to believe if either of my daughters have babies at the age of 19 - twins no less! - that I can be as supportive as you.

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