This is my 10th child and he is just now 12 months old. He nurses I'd say 6 to8 times in a 24 hour period eats lots of solid food and drinks almond milk with some coconut milk included as a supplement when he gets frustrated at my lacking milk supply these days. Yes I know if he nursed more and longer my milk supply would go up but he really seems to want to drink from the sippy sometimes verses nursing he will get angry and bite me in his frustration definitely NO fun.

My question is this. I was given 2 free infrared wraps that are suppose to detox you as well. I do not know much about this but have heard it's not good to detox while nursing? So my question is at his age is this ok? If there are toxins already in my body are they in my breast milk already? If there is a risk I will happily pass them along to someone else. It's a 45 minute wrap that is infrared? I typically research things but can't seem to find this information from any reliable source so I figured the very wise women of LLL could help me out here! I would greatly appreciate it. We do not eat processed food, fast food and majority is organic of everything we purchase that we do not make from scratch. Just want to make sure If I do this I'm not harming my baby in any way. thanks so much in advance! Hollie