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Thread: Thrush?

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    So I recently got off antibiotics for a nasty mastitis infection. Went back to my dr. who is also a IBCLC and she thinks I have some mild thrush.
    I am having shooting pains in my breasts during feeding and nursing was feeling better but now my nipples just feel...irritated and almost itchy during nursing. They are super sensitive (can't even stand feeling the shower water or a towel on them). Sitting here, my boobs just feel achy/shooting pains. Does this sound like thrush?
    Dr. recommended vinegar rinses after nursing for a few days and then gentian violet. Anyone have experience with these? I am so frustrated because I think DD is still having latch issues on my right side (same side DD#1 had latch issues with). Feel like I have a defective boob! Also dealing with vasospasms/purple nipples. What can I do to help with this feeling during nursing of just wanting to pop her off because it's just irritating? I feel bad thinking that way but I just am uncomfortable during nursing. Thanks in advance.


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    I was having similar pains... And I don't know if it was thrush. I thought it was due to descriptions on the Internet but my dr didn't think so. And you couldn't see it in my babies mouth. She did write me a rx for a compounded nipple ointment with anti fungals and antibacterials in it. And it really helped! I sometimes still get itchy boobs, especially while nursing and they are super sensitive in the shower, but latch and nursing doesn't hurt... So I'm not sure if all those symptoms are related or not. Do you see any whitish stuff on your nips?! Have you noticed any chunkier white stuff on your babies tongue or in their mouth?! Those are svisual signs. Chances are that if you had it, you lo would too. Babies would have pain while eating... Be extra fussy, etc. They would also needed to be treated.
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    Yes, it sounds like thrush. Here's a post I just wrote the other day. I would tell you the same thing. HTH.

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