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Thread: Help with Breastpump decision...

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    I am EBF'ing a 5 month old boy. I unfortunately have to work on weekends (I am out of the house typically 8 hours both Saturday and Sunday but am on call after that so the amount I am actually gone varies). Up until now, I have been renting a Medela Symphony, which I love, but it is pricey ($100 a month). I have a PIS that I am borrowing from a friend, but am concerned it does not remove milk adequately as I have had a few plugged ducts after using the PIS for a day.
    My question is this: should I:
    A) continue to rent the Symphony as I am happy with it and it works well for me
    B) try to tune up the PIS (It probably has been used a total of 25 pumping sessions but is one year old). If you choose this option I will need help as to how to "tune up" the pump!
    C) buy a new pump

    I don't know much about pumps. Any advice/help would be appreciated!

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    HI, I'm in a similar position - right now I am in the office 2 days a week. I agonized over a pump decision. I had a single Medela electric pump passed on from a colleague that I used occasionally but wanted a dual pump for the office. From reading about the different kinds of pumps, I decided to get a "closed system" pump because I'm not too careful about cleaning tubing, etc, and it seemed like it would be faster not to have to run the pump to air out the tubes or clean them during the day. So I purchased the Ameda Purely Yours and so far I am quite happy with it. It's easy to clean, it works great, and it's lightweight and easy to carry back and forth. I didn't get the bag or extra accessories and it was around $150. Because it's a closed system, if you ended up not liking it, it's easy to resell and the new person can just get their own horn kit. There are a few websites that have comparison charts, sorry I don't know them offhand but if you google "breast pump comparison" you'll probably hit something. Good luck to you!

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    I would buy a new one. I had a Medela Freestyle. It's possible the PISA you are using needs new parts, but you'd have to look that up.

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