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Thread: Warming up food?

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    Default Warming up food?

    I can bring my baby to work and although she's not eating many solids yet, I want to plan a bit of how it will work. So far she's not crazy about pureed foods, so if I go the BLS way is a microwave a good place to warm food. I've heard it's not good to warm food in plastic containers since the chemicals go in the food.

    She'll be 7 months on March 11th.

    Thanks in advance for your tips!

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    Default Re: Warming up food?

    What were you planning on feeding her that is BLS that needs to be warmed up? We didn't introduce any warm foods until between 9 and 10 months.
    In those first months of BLS there wasn't anything that needed to be warmed. Oh. Except sweet potato fries. But we didn't usually do those for lunch. My kid is 6 yrs old and we still don't use the microwave to warm his food at home ever. And when he took stuff to preschool we sent his food that was going into the microwave in either glass container or hard plastics that had NOT been recycled.
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    Default Re: Warming up food?

    We used a toaster oven or a steamer to cook food for ds. Can you bring one or the other in to your place of work? A steamer is great for cooking fruit and veggies like pears, apples, carrots, etc., and the toaster oven is great for veggies like baked sweet potato.

    You could always do as dj's mom suggested and start with foods that don't need to be cooked. Much less hassle.

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    Default Re: Warming up food?

    I agree with PP. Most first foods were cold. The few that needed to be cooked were done on the stove and leftovers were given cold. So for lunch I would give cold, steamed carrots. Even now, my son is 17 months and I give him cold cooked foods. Macaroni and cheese, cold. Meatballs, cold. Most lunches are served cold from dinner cooked the night before. And I don't cook in the microwave. The few things I heat up in a microwave are done in glass or on a ceramic plate.
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