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Thread: Baby won't eat solids for me

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    Default Baby won't eat solids for me

    Hey everyone, all of you LLL forum posters have been invaluable to me :, and now I need help once again. My DD is 7 months old and at her night feeding with DH she eats up to 2 tablespoons (or one of those 2.5 oz containers) of food for him. However, last week we started to introduce a second meal during the day. She will eat at MOST 2 TEAspoons of food for me. This is also true if I do the feeding at night. I know the reason she won't solids with me is because she prefers milk. She is underweight (though not malnourished), and solids have actually helped her gain weight in the past month (for the first time in 3 months she gained a full pound in one month). I have a very abundant supply, so I have to wait at least an hour after feeding her before I can offer her solids because she gets completely full at a feeding session so that even if DH fed her right after she nursed, he might get one or two bites before she adamantly refuses food. Let me be very clear: Solids have NOT replaced any nursing sessions for her at all!
    So, that all said, what can I do to get her to eat solids for me?

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    Default Re: Baby won't eat solids for me

    As the PP said, it's wonderful that you're offering the breast before other foods. Before getting too discouraged, please also keep in mind that some infants/toddlers are a bit delayed in showing interest in solids, and that's okay. My DD was closer to 15 months before she ate solids with any consistency. She's four now and a perfectly healthy eater .

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    Default Re: Baby won't eat solids for me

    Thank you for asking those questions, first I should clarify she isn't yet eating 'table foods', but rather she's eating purees (some homemade, some Gerber), and yes I know that it's not REALLY nutritional until she's 1, but this last month she actually stayed on the same growth percentile instead of dropping and the only 2 things that changed were she came off the Zantac (for reflux) and she started solids. Below are the answers to your questions.

    Are you eating with her?
    Yes and no; I usually have coffee (decaf ) or a granola bar because it's almost the only time I get to eat but it is also hard to eat with her because she wants what I have and she's only been introduced to like 6 foods (rice cereal, avocado, banana, pears, peaches, and squash) so she can't have what I'm eating.

    And are you offering her food she can feed herself?
    No, not yet (DH doesn't believe in messes--he needs a reality check, I know)

    You said you "introduced a second meal during the day," so what does that look like
    Dinner (the first meal) is usually 1-2 tablespoons of food, usually just 1 item, but 2 or 3 times a week it's mixed with rice cereal.

    DH's mealtime?
    No, DH does not eat with her, but he does put her in her walker (the wheels have been removed) to feed her in the living room instead of in the dining room in the high chair. However, you may be onto something because we have made a bad habit of eating in the living room (with the TV on : ).

    Thank you for the advice and maybe today (I'm a SAHM) for lunch I will try to be more relaxed about the whole thing and my mom suggested to try holding her to eat because she is used to closeness to me for eating and then after she's more comfortable with the food, re-introduce the high chair. Thank you for your very useful information, and I wish I could do a more direct BLS, but with a neat-freak DH, I just don't see how that's going to happen. I try to let her hold the spoon with me to feed herself, but when DH pushes her hands away when I'm gone (because her hands get in the food and then get food everywhere else), it takes her awhile to want to try to hold the spoon again. Yes, I know DH and I have issues to work out in regards to parenting styles, but that's a whole different issue!

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    Default Re: Baby won't eat solids for me

    1) purees are more messy then regular foods. IE some steamed carrots cut into bite size (not perfect circles though that could get caught in throat) pieces is a lot less messy then pureed carrots.

    2) He's at work at lunch right? Why not have it cleaned up before he gets home?

    3) baby doesn't have to use a spoon yet, hands are better for less mess until about one. I mean a baby using a utensil isn't going to be very unmessy till around one, you can give them one and they can practice, but yeah it will be a bit messy till around 1 y/o. However, again the sooner these things are introduced the less time they will be messy with items.

    With my mil she kept nit picking about how soon we were letting DD1 have a spoon, feed herself etc....till she was 3 and still complaining (we didn't even give her solids till she was one! Only breastmilk!) and I finally said she's 3 how long are you wanting us to wait to give her her own fork? And she said never, she didn't want her to ever have one cause she could always poke out her eye or choke at any age so she never wanted her to have one, I said well that's not going to happen that's unrealistic. Some people need to be snapped back into reality. When he says he doesn't want a mess for her to feed herself, ask him exactly when he thinks the non mess would happen, does he realize messes could continue to look 4 or 5 years old? I mean these kind of questions some times can snap these kind of people back into reality of what they are saying!

    And I also agree there's no reason to keep limiting her foods to only those 6. I just give mine part of what ever we are eating that meal.

    I also hold my babies for the first few months, and then we have high chairs also that either clip on to the table or come right up to the table they like that better.

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    Default Re: Baby won't eat solids for me

    It's not that I'm limiting them to 6. She's now to 7. I'm following the 4 day wait rule. It's been less than 6 weeks since she started solids (we tried green peas today). And I will ask him about those things, but the problem with the mess is the inconsistency in how she is fed (I let her play, but he doesn't). I've also never thought about BLS being less messy--but that brings up a question: You know those 'food teethers', those things you put like frozen banana or cold beans in or something and it's made of mesh--how messy are those?

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    Default Re: Baby won't eat solids for me

    The mesh feeders aren't that messy at all, if you give them to the baby when she's sitting in her high chair. If you let baby roam around the house with them, though... Different story! You end up with smears and drool all over the place.

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    Default Re: Baby won't eat solids for me

    We struggled with solids for a while too. We started off at 6 months slowly like you are, introducing one food at a time and spoon feeding. After about a month of that my daughter (who is also a small baby) started refusing to eat from a spoon. She also refuses a bottle, so we were very frustrated! However, once we started putting small chunks of food on her tray and just letting her play and occasionally put something in her mouth she took a new interest. Now she's 10 months and happily eats most things we give her. We either set it in front of her or put it in her hand. We also let her grab stuff off our plate at dinner. If we try to give her yogurt off the spoon she will grab the spoon and put it in her mouth. It is a BIG mess, but we've just accepted it. We also love a clean house, but the fact that she's eating and enjoying meal times again is worth it.

    A few other anecdotes: I started giving her Os and puffs to help her learn to grab small things. I know these "foods" have little to no nutrition, but they were great for helping her master the grasp. She enjoys eating these things because they are very easy to grab and put in her mouth. Now she can grab slippery avocado and pear . . etc. 7 months might be a little early to grab stuff, but you could start. Also, I stopped waiting to introduce foods and now I just give her pretty much anything as long as it's soft and not too salty.

    Good luck, she will get there!

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