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Thread: tired and ready to quit please help

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    his pooh has been a ugly yellowish color and is sometimes seedy others not and is most of the time around the size of a half dollar

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*firsttimemommie View Post
    his pooh has been a ugly yellowish color and is sometimes seedy others not and is most of the time around the size of a half dollar
    This actually sounds like really normal breasted baby poop to me. Mustard yellow is the color you want to see.

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    Yellow is good! When a baby is making predominantly yellow poops, you know he's getting plenty to eat, and that he's getting the right proportions of watery, refreshing milk to creamy, satisfying milk. It's kind of a shocking color, if you're not used to breastfed baby poop. But you get used to it!
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    If your breastfed baby is pooping lots (at least 3 times a day the size of a half dollar) you do not need to count pees! A baby who is pooping wet, runny and or seedy, yellowish breastmilky poops is not having any issues getting enough milk! This is good good good! If you think these poops are yucky, trust me, formula poops are way way way worse.

    You are recovering from major abdominal surgery and so your whole system is all out of whack. Plus you are a new mom-utterly overwhelming physically and emotionally no matter how you feed your baby. This will all seem much more manageable in just a few short weeks. Until then, nurse your darling healthy baby, get as much rest as you can, and let your family take care of you so you can heal and take care of your baby, which, in the very early weeks, amounts to sitting down (or lying down) and cuddling and nursing & loving that sweet baby.

    This article may help reassure you, or any family members who think you need to be feeding baby formula: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing.html

    and diaper log: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...diaper_log.pdf
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*firsttimemommie View Post
    i did have fluids during my c section and he came out at 9lbs 10 ozs when we left the hospital to come home he was 8lbs 12 ozs and at his first dr appt was 8lbs 9ozs a few days later he weighed the same. the dr recommened that i pump while nursing him on one breast offer him the other let him take it if he wants while pumping the one he just finnished with and after he is done with both breasts offer him the bottle. he has plenty of poopy diapers but not so many wet ones. but when he does have a wet one it is soaking wet is this normal?
    The wets and poops sound pretty good to me.

    But your doctor's advice has me See, I was given almost the exact same advice with my first. I nursed, I pumped (I didn't offer a bottle, even though my doctor said to, because I knew he was getting enough because his stools looked like what you describe). Over and over. And I pumped myself right into a really BAD oversupply. I have one naturally, but pumping is increased demand, and if baby is nursing well, you don't need increased demand. And a few weeks later, he had all the signs of a baby affected by OS and over active letdown, and he had acid reflux to boot. So I had one un happy baby on my hands, along with PPD on my part. It was not fun at all. And looking back, a lot of it stemmed from the bad advice to pump. I should have just watched my baby.

    Babies will always take a bottle after nursing, so don't use that as a sign that baby is hungry. Instead, switch sides and keep nursing.

    Have an IBCLC show you how to nurse laying down That is an easy place to nurse in, and just work on two things: caring for baby and recovering.

    You should not be doing housework, etc at this time. I have, but my recovery after my second baby -- where I did take a babymoon --was much easier, faster and more joyful than with the first -- all that pumping! -- my third -- all that housework -- and my fourth, a cleft baby, where all bets were off.
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