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Thread: Doidy cup? Any good?

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    Default Doidy cup? Any good?

    Has anyone had success with this cup?

    My DD is 6 months and we've started with the the advent cup that has handles on theside, but she just likes to play with the cup. the spout is hard as I feel sippy cups should be, but doesn't it make it more difficult for them to figure out?

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    Default Re: Doidy cup? Any good?

    My son is 17 months old but we didn't start with a Doidy until about 2 months ago or so. He still doesn't drink without gulping/spilling a lot from our Doidy cups but I do like them and think that they are helping him learn how to drink corrrectly.

    Have you tried Tilty's? Kind of the same design as a Doidy but with a sip top spout and no handles.

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    Yes, it's awesome! My son has been able to use the Doidy cup since he was 4 months old. He is 13 months now and still loves using it. We don't give it to him unassisted though, as he would just spill it everywhere. When he was younger, the only sippy cup we had a lot of success with was the Tommee Sippee Closer to Nature. It's really easy for them to use as it's a soft spout and it allows milk to flow out soon as the baby sucks on it. However, it does come out fast because of this so it was a learning curve (as any cup or sippy is) but this is the only thing he would drink my milk from besides me

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