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Thread: solids causing constipation?

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    Last week, while visiting with my in laws, I made the mistake of trying a few solid foods with my 5 month old. He had some banana, applesauce, and a little taste of ice cream. He didn't have a lot of any of these, and he did seem pretty enthusiastic about the whole experiment, but I still want to wait at least another month before trying it again, and a lot longer than that for the ice cream.
    This week so far, he has only had one poop (and one wet fart.) I am concerned that he might be blocked up after trying the solid foods. He doesn't seem like he is in pain, but I am not sure if the best thing to do is wait another day or two, or to talk to an expert.

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    How many days has it been? Up to a week is normal for an exclusively breastfed baby, but I'd say a week is probably still normal for a baby who has had just a few tastes of solids and is still almost 100% breastfed. That being said, you did choose 2 infamously constipating solids: apples and bananas. If you suspect your LO has a tendency towards constipation, I would take those off the menu until he's eating lots of solids and is in a 1x per day pooping pattern.

    Remember that solids are supposed to be introduced starting around 6 months, and that quantities should be very small at first. A teaspoon or two per day is all a baby really needs to get, and since breastmilk alone meets all baby's nutritional needs until around the first birthday, it doesn't matter if baby eats his solids or not. Touching, tasting, smelling, squishing, smashing, even flinging- those are all important parts of the solids experience. Actual eating, not so much, at least until around a year.

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