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Thread: 7 1/2 mo DS: BF bump in the road, help!

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    Default 7 1/2 mo DS: BF bump in the road, help!

    Hi there,

    I'm new to the boards but thrilled that I found this site since I'm in need of some BF help. A bit of my background: I'm a mother of 3, my first two DD nursed for about a year. I weaned DD #1 when I got pregnant with DD #2 and DD #2 weaned herself at 11 months.

    Over the past two weeks my DS and I have battled teething, stomach flu, colds and now an ear infection. So, I know that my DS has not been nursing as well as he had been. I feed him 2 solid food meals a day (recently bumped it up from 1). He used to nurse about 5 times a day plus 1 nighttime feeding, (give or take). Now, he nurses 5 times during the day and 2 times at night. Probably building back up the supply or comfort feeding, right? My problem is that it seems harder for me to get a let down now. Just tonight, I had to put him to bed without actually nursing him because he got so frustrated we both just gave up. It had only been two and half hours since I had last fed him, but I never had any problems prior to all of the health issues. Additionally, I had him at the doctor's office today and he had lost 3.5 ounces. The doctor didn't seem concerned with the weight loss, but I was bummed. What should I do? Is my supply low? My DS doesn't want formula, flat out refuses it. I'm not a good pumper I can pump for 15-20 min. and only get two ounces. Should I try nursing him less often? The longer he goes between feedings the easier it is to get a let down and the better he nurses. Is this normal? I don't remember this with my other two. So confused! Thanks for your input.


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    Default Re: 7 1/2 mo DS: BF bump in the road, he

    How is the diaper output?

    Way too lazy for formula

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    Default Re: 7 1/2 mo DS: BF bump in the road, he

    Yeah, I second the PP's question. Usually diaper output tells you what you need to know- if it's coming out it has to be going in, right? With an older baby there are some things which can be putting an unanticipated kibosh on supply, including:
    - pregnancy (any chance?)
    - hormonal contraception
    - not nursing enough- in your situation I'd suggest trying to squeeze in more feedings, since many babies are nursing far more than 7 times a day at just 7 months
    - getting your period back- that can cause supply to dip, usually temporarily

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