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Thread: boobs to the rescue!

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    Default boobs to the rescue!

    didn't know where to put this but it was really interesting and i wanted to share.

    while was bathing my sons tonight ds2 was standing up and taking toys out of a container when he slipped and hit his head on the tub. it didn't look like much of a bonk but he was really screaming. i picked him up right away and saw that he had some blood in his mouth but he wouldn't really let me look. so i held him, rocked him, still screaming. so i sat down on the toilet and gave him the boob (i figured if he did do something bad to his mouth he would be too sore to nurse) well, it was like turning off the light switch. he was quiet sucking and calmed down immeadiately. he drained the side he popped of, the bleeding had stopped and he was perfectly fine and tried to get back in the tub (that didn't happened, my nerves had had it).

    just another moment in my day when i was so thankful that i am still nursing!!!
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    Default Re: boobs to the rescue!

    Awesome! I don't know how I'd be able to parent a toddler without nursing. Seriously. Every time there's a bump to the head or a skinned knee or whatever, the breast fixes it so quickly. I can't think of anything else that works as fast or as consistantly.

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    Default Re: boobs to the rescue!

    Yep. Glad he is ok and it's such an effective tool.
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    Default Re: boobs to the rescue!

    Glad all is well! Had a very similar incident happen when lo was around 1 with the same result! Boobs rule
    Can't believe I've been and a full-time SAHM to Elena (5/2010) for over 2 yrs!
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    Default Re: boobs to the rescue!

    Heh! Love it!
    I am currently visiting my MIL. Yesterday she was taking care of Charlotte while I got a (much appreciated) nap. I woke up to the sound of Charlotte kind of fussing just as MIL walked in and said she didn't know if she was hungry or just angry. I shrugged and said "eh, a boob will fix either one!"

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